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Yamaha DBR Series Powered Speakers

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Yamaha DBR Series powered speakers are the most portable and affordable powered speakers offered by Yamaha. The DBR series are a 2-way active loudspeaker designed for front of house applications in small to medium venues; for DJ music performances; portable applications; or as floor monitors and side fills.

The DBR Series inherits many features from the enormously successful Yamaha DXR and DSR Series of PA speakers. The DBR's Class-D amplifiers deliver up to 1000W of power and achieve an impressive SPL of up to 132dB. The D-Contour dynamic multi-band processing applies EQ settings that are optimized for either front-of-house or floor monitoring applications. 

Yamaha DBR rear panel features many of the features from the successful DXR series

Each DBR model also includes an easy-to-use 2-channel onboard mixer. Channel 1 offers a combo jack on that accepts both XLR and TRS 1/4" Jack, allowing for either mic or line level inputs. Channel 2 offers a combo jack and RCA pin jacks for input from CD players or other stereo line-level sources. The mixer also offers the ability to select either CH1+2 MIX, or CH1 THRU to pass the signal from CH1 only.

Portability and versatility weighed heavily into the design of the DBR Series. This has resulted in a rugged, compact plastic enclosure fitted with a sleek flush fitting steel grille and ergonomic handles for easy transportation. The DBR's design also features a 50-degree wedge angle to enable use as a floor monitor. All models are equipped with rigging points compatible with optional speaker brackets and eyebolts for installed "fly" applications.

The DBR Series comprises of three models;

  • DBR10 is a compact 10" 2-Way powered speaker capable of delivering 129dB and weighing only 10.5kg
  • DBR12 is a compact 12" 2-Way powered speaker capable of delivering 131dB and weighing only 15.8kg
  • DBR15 is a compact 15" 2-Way powered speaker capable of delivering 132dB and weighing only 19.3kg