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Blackstar Effects

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Revolution Music Store Brisbane is an Authorised Dealer for Blackstar Amplifiers and Effects Pedals. We can help you with the right advice and the right price on your Blackstar Effects Pedal purchase everytime.


  • Blackstar LT BOOST - A Must Have Pedal For Any Pedal Board Setup
    Blackstar LT-BOOST Compact Boost Pedal
    $129.00 $109.00
    The Blackstar LT BOOST is the perfect pedal for raising the signal into your amp to create overdrive for punchier rhythm progressions and solos. The LT BOOST has bass and treble controls in addition to boost, to help you...

  • Blackstar LT DIST - Features The Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
    Blackstar LT-DIST Compact Distortion Pedal
    $159.00 $135.00
    The Blackstar LT DIST feaures the innovative ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) to deliver a range of tonal respsone from the UK to the USA and anywhere in between. A must have for any pedalboard. Blackstar LT-DIST -...

  • Blackstar LT DRIVE - Simple Features And Serious Tone
    Blackstar LT-DRIVE Compact Drive Pedal
    $129.00 $109.00
    The Blackstar LT DRIVE is a fantastic overdrive pedal that delivers gain from warm boost to screaming lead saturation. Blackstar’s patent-applied-for clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like tone and...

  • Blackstar LT DUAL - Features The Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
    Blackstar LT-DUAL 2CH Compact Distortion Pedal
    $259.00 $219.00
    The Blackstar LT DUAL is the ultimate in distortion pedal versatility. The LT DUAL offer two distinct distortion channels. Channel 1 lets you move from clean, to boost to overdrive. Channel 2 then takes you from super...

  • Blackstar LT METAL - A Must Have Pedal For Any Heavy Metalists Pedal Board Setup
    Blackstar LT-METAL Compact Metal Pedal
    $179.00 $153.00
    The Blackstar LT METAL delivers the aggressive high gain that modern metal guitarists demand. The LT METAL features Blackstar’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit, giving you infinite adjustment over the...